Wanda Koop - Magic Hour 
Don’t touch me if you don’t mean it.
written by The War Boys (2009)

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If I Can’t Have You- Bee Gees

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today is the day i finish War All The Time

and i will look back on all the poems i have made marks on

reread them, leave it on the floor and start a new one.

i realized that I tell the truth when i’m hurting but i can also admit that i played the role of desperate girl; over the fact but still chooses to act like one

and when i don’t understand something, i do it again

i do it repeatedly, over and over again and i end up forgetting anyway. i know at some point, i have to apologize but now i’m just tired.

i’m transparent but in this world it’s good if you have a secret

i guess you never really want another human to know everything.

theoretically it’s not possible, it’s not but i guess if you love someone, they’ll somehow know everything you want them to know about you.

i broke the 100 mark, it’s 101 now and i don’t feel better or worse. i like knowing people give feedback, even if it’s just a simple ‘click’ away

it doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t. i’m tempted to say that i  just want to go home

but i’m already here

sitting in bed, waiting for my day to just end already

but i have to go on about my day and hope that there’s a future.


don’t buy your girl flowers. flowers die. buy her a potted cactus

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once you start making Phantom of the Opera jokes you know you’re past the point of no return

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my coworkers said that i should be the leading actress in fifty shades of grey


Untitled Feature#23Photography by Thibault Jouvent 

Times Square, New York City, 1950s

wearing all black today to mourn the death of my motivation

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